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Spam is another ever increasing business problem that clogs up your email accounts with unwanted and often offensive material.
Our managed anti-spam services can free up a great deal of your time by removing all known spam from your email.
Don't worry - you won't lose any genuine emails as there is always the opportunity to retrieve specified emails it they accidentally
"fall foul" of the anti-spam service.


Eliminates the Broadest Range of Email Threats
G041Ts Anti-Spam Managed Services (G041T ASMS)
addresses a full range of known threats including spam, phishing and zombie attacks, as well as hard-to-detect low volume, short-lived email threats such as "419" scams. In addition, G041T ASMS identifies new and evolving blended threats such as spam attacks distributing malicious content through a download URL or an executable.

Provides Highest Accuracy The key to efficacy is data captured by G041T ASMS, the world's first, largest and most accurate traffic monitoring network. In addition to the best technology, G041T ASMS, is backed by an interdisciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in email security, machine learning and human genomics. As a leader in preventive threat detection techniques, G041T's security experts constantly innovate to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Enables Ease of Use and "Zero Administration" G041Ts automatic, timely and secure rule updates eliminate the need for ongoing manual tuning and maintenance to catch emerging threats. This time savings, combined with comprehensive reporting gives administrators powerful insight of their email traffic.

Adds A Global Solution In addition to locale-specific, content-aware threat detection techniques, G041T ASMS leverages globally representative SMTP and HTTP content-agnostic data contributed by over 100,000 ISPs, universities and corporations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Delivers Industry-Leading Performance G041T's spam filtering technologies deliver industry-leading performance based on real-world mail streams. Decrease email bandwidth consumption by as much as 80%, greatly improving system efficiency by reducing the number of messages that need to be processed. In addition, G041T ASMS uniquely performs multiple evaluations simultaneously during a single message scan, eliminating unnecessary computational overhead.