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Like all aspects of Principal's services, our IT support is based on two principles :

Everything we do is designed to show genuine business benefits and a clear return on investment.
We therefore have several support options to suit all budgets and technology requirements.

We are your technology partner- and our support extends long after any equipment purchase, because we understand that your business might depend on our ability to react quickly when things go wrong. You can expect us to be entirely accountable to you for the entire term of our support agreement.

Principal people therefore understand that they're not just supporting the hardware and software that make up your IT investment. They're supporting you- the people who run your business.

You may have day to day responsibility for a network, or you may be responsible for IT but lacking in in-house resources to devote time to technical issues. We therefore have a range of support packages designed to be flexible enough to make commercial sense to both of us. A support deal is a partnership, and we want our partnership with you to be a fruitful and prosperous one. Below are some of the available options, but if you don't see what you like on the menu, feel free to talk to us- we will gladly create a bespoke arrangement to suit your needs.

Environment Support

The simplest standard level of support is the Principal Professional Services Agreement. It is based on a jointly agreed estimate of the amount of time we think you will need from us over the course of a year. By assessing your equipment and setup, our experts can make the estimate without any nasty surprises. You can then use up the time allocated in the agreement in fifteen-minute periods for any support services we mutually agree are to be provided across the next 12 months. These services include:

  • network troubleshooting

  • end-user support

  • new project planning

  • implementation

The first line of support will usually be by phone; and if we cannot resolve an issue over the phone, an engineer will be dispatched.

Remote Support

As well as standard telephone support, Principal maintains a private customer support network. Using a standard internet connection, this allows you to benefit from our engineers' hands-on expertise remotely. With our suite of remote software, our engineers can diagnose and resolve a raft of support issues without on-site attendance. This keeps costs down, and means our experts can experience your system issues directly rather than over the phone. Available for servers or desktops, this service can be provided as part of the Professional Services Agreement, or equally bolted onto a fixed price support agreement.

Fixed Price Telephone Support

If you just want telephone cover, and very predictable costs, then a fixed-price support agreement is for you. This is priced on a monthly fee-per-seat (including servers), payable quarterly in advance. This entitles you to support by telephone or email on any agreed aspect of your network environment. This service is particularly applicable to end-user environments where call volume is likely to be high; or where only server support is required.

Telephone Plus

If you'd like a little more backup than the fixed price telephone support agreement, Telephone Plus adds a pre-set maximum number of visits (measured in half-days) to your site across the course of the year.

As you can see, our support options cover the whole range of services and budget. But remember, whilst we have created these flexible options to give most of our clients the support coverage they need, we are always happy to give you an entirely custom solution based on your individual requirements.