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Website design explained

Because the first impression given will be the one that lasts, your website must be as professional as any brochure or any other marketing material your company uses.

Although the visual appearance of a site plays a major role in how visitors see your company, the single most important factor in determining whether or not they will stay and browse it, is your website ease of use.
Going from one page to another, and finding the relevant information quickly, can be seen as web design basics but there are some ground rules that should be observed to make sure your site navigation, and your site content is easy to use and understand.

As an example, how many BE sites do you know of, have their main navigation ONLY at the bottom of their pages? Very few - it has become
a rule that the main navigation elements are at the top or on the left of the page, for most western websites. The navigation is also often mirrored at the bottom of the page allowing your visitor to continue browsing without having to scroll back to where the main navigation is.

Another fact is that visitors don't like having to search hard to find the information that is relevant to them. It has been accepted as a fundamental rule that any pages of your site should be reached by your visitors within three clicks of their mouse.
That's only two of the many important aspects that need considering when designing a website. Aspects for which we can pride ourselves in having a great professional experience

Website design: why choose us

Whether you want a static, a database driven or a full e-commerce website designed, G041T has the experience and facilities to help you. We are specialists in individual fields of web design and web applications development including HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Java and Flash.

Our creations take full advantage of our expertise and provide you with a website that is easy to use, enjoyable to visit and fast to load. Each being important factors in making sure your site's visitors continue browsing your web pages and not those of your competitors.

Our customers requests for our website design service are split between need for brand new site and need for site redesign. We have expertise in providing affordable and professional solutions for both. With that expertise we can deliver a site in minimal time to the standard expected by our customers, both here in Belgium as well as internationally.